Jan. 4th, 2009

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I’ve been more or less absent from LiveJournal for probably longer than ever before. I’ve missed too many birthdays to even try to catch up and I’ve posted only one ficlet since mid-November. There are two reasons; decorating the bathroom, which occupied me during the run-up to Christmas, and ‘Storm of Zehir’ (the second expansion for ‘Neverwinter Nights 2’).

‘Storm of Zehir’ is a huge let-down after the previous games. The plot is sketchy, there is much less interaction with characters, and a big part of the game is filled with tedious and repetitive tasks. The few dungeons are far too small and the outdoor encounters are formulaic. Yet its very imperfections have inspired me to write fic, which ‘NWN2’ and ‘Mask of the Betrayer’ never did, after engaging in a lot of discussion on the Bioware/Obsidian boards about certain moral dilemmas within the game.

It's set within the ‘Tabula Avatar’ universe, rather than the canon Forgotten Realms, but five years on from where we are in that story – and it does contain one rather large TA spoiler. Buffy will make a cameo appearance in a later chapter but it’s not really a BtVS crossover - more of a crossover with ‘Stargate SG-1’, in fact, as it's the sequel to ‘Debt of Blood’.

It doesn’t require any knowledge of the ‘Storm of Zehir’ expansion (not that many people have played it, after all, not even [livejournal.com profile] melancthe as far as I know) and anyone who has read ‘Tabula Avatar’ shouldn’t have a problem following this story. The central protagonists are Original Characters (a requirement in the game) but I think that I’ve probably set a new world record for the heroine who is least like a Mary Sue. I’d be interested to hear what you think…

Summary: Shar’s turn away from Evil has upset the cosmic balance and a new dark god is rising to fill the gap. A young priestess is sent on a perilous mission to a nightmarish jungle land where she must face primitive savagery, sophisticated corruption, and the horrors that lie in her own past.

A Plague of Serpents: Chapter One )


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