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Here is a quick and silly 100-word Buffyverse drabble set during ‘The Gift’. Rating G

The Last Temptation of Buffy )
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It’s been ages since I’ve posted one of my humorous little drabbles but, at long last, here is another one. From the Chronicles of Narnia; an alternate look at one of the scenes in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 100 words, rating R.

The Coming of the White Witch )
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Here, as requested by several reviewers on other sites, is a drabble postscipt to the Epilogue to my ‘Lord of the Rings’/‘Forgotten Realms’ crossover story LES MORTS DANSANT. A glimpse of Cierre's activities in the Undying Lands. 100 words, rating R.

What Cierre Did Next )
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Here is yet another in the ‘Ent Music’ series of crack!fic drabbles crossing Lord of the Rings with Last of the Mohicans and with titles taken from Adam and the Ants singles. Sometimes I wonder about myself…

Summary: Hawkeye reveals to Aragorn an incident from his past. PG, 100 words.

Friend Or Foe )
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And now a third in the series that started with the LotR ‘spelling mistake’ drabble Kings of the Wild Frontier. As I’m giving all the instalments titles drawn from Adam and the Ants songs I’m calling the series ‘Ent Music’.

Summary: It’s traditional to seal alliances with a marriage… Rating PG, 100 words.

Prince Charming )
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Following yesterday’s LotR ‘spelling mistake’ drabble I’ve come up with a sequel. Same crossover as for Kings of the Wild Frontier.

Summary: Sometimes allies come with unwelcome baggage... Rating PG, 100 words.

Stand And Deliver )
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Here is a LotR drabble inspired by a spelling mistake, or typo, that the Wombat encountered in a Tolkien discussion. Surprise crossover.

Summary: Merry and Pippin meet one of Treebeard’s allies. Rating G, 100 words.

Kings of the Wild Frontier )
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Here is a silly little drabble inspired by the current Curry’s/PC World advert. BtVS/Star Wars, 100 words, rating G.

A Serious Omission )

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The recent WriterConUK Event was extremely enjoyable but, since I returned, I’ve found it hard to get back into the mood in which I was writing the Dawn/Sam drabbles and ‘The Witch’s Promise’. I’ve done a little work on ‘Tabula Avatar’ and ‘A Plague of Serpents’ but mainly I’ve been concentrating on the rather morbid Lord of the Rings/Forgotten Realms crossover which has been soaking up altogether too much of my time in the past couple of months. My mind is (like the Wombat’s) stuck a little too firmly in Middle Earth right now for me to write in any other fandom. However at least this morning I managed to regain some levity… and here is the result, born of reading a few too many ‘Tenth Walker’ stories at various archives.

100 words, rating PG.

If Peter Jackson Did Crossovers… )
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...Or, Bear and Back Again.

No ‘Five Times’ drabble today – I’ve been busy with something else. At the beginning of July the Lord of the Rings fanfic site Lotrfanfiction.com was bought by an entrepreneur named Keith Mander (promptly dubbed ‘SaruMander’ by some bloggers), who already owned a Twilight site and a Winnie the Pooh site, and he spoke of his intention to conflate the Twilight and Lord of the Rings fandoms. I posted here challenging him to prove his fandom credentials by writing an Éomer/Lothíriel fic involving Winnie the Pooh and Twilight crossovers. Although I was joking I found I couldn’t resist doing it myself and I have, at last, finished it.

Here is the result. A ‘Winnie the Pooh as the Tenth Walker’ story, with some Twilight, told in the form of twelve 100-word drabbles. Rating R. My usual Gimli/Galadriel obsession creeps in, of course…

The Rings At Pooh Corner )
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Here's the next drabble in the Dawn/Sam (where 'Sam' is different in each) series I started yesterday. 100 words, rating R.

Five times Dawn and Sam had hot, dirty, sex... )
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There's a story at Twisting the Hellmouth called 'Five times Dawn and Sam had hot, dirty sex (and one time they didn't)'. Apparently it's a 'Supernatural' crossover but I have zero interest in 'Supernatural' and so I haven't read it. However to me 'Sam' automatically means one of several far more famous fictional characters and therefore, on seeing the title, I jumped to some rather different conclusions. This is the first of a series of 6 drabbles based on my erroneous assumptions. 100 words, rating R or maybe NC-17.

Five times Dawn and Sam had hot, dirty, sex... )
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A few months ago I wrote a couple of ficlets based on the idea that the monks of Dagon came up with different ways of hiding the Key from Glory instead of sending it to the Slayer. Here’s another one. This time they managed to hide from Glory for a long time before they were forced into taking desperate measures. A true double drabble, 2 x 100 words, PG.

Out Of The Blue )
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I came across a fic in the Pit of Voles called The Hardest Thing She's Ever Done with the following summary: *One Shot* Buffy does the hardest thing she's ever had to do - bury Rupert Giles. I didn’t read it but the summary inspired me to write a drabble… 100 words, PG

Burial Detail )
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Here is a quick drabble, dashed off in one of my many moments of insanity, inspired by something that will be all too familiar to most of you. Set during BtVS Season 4 ‘The Initiative’ at the moment when Spike, recently escaped from the Initiative and unaware that he has had a chip implanted in his head, attacks Willow and fails… 100 words, PG

Blue Screen of Death )
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I’m working on a drabble incorporating my worst ever pun but it isn’t ready yet. Neither is the long-awaited final chapter of ‘Life Resumed’ but that should be finished later today. Really. In the meantime here’s a drabble that is pun-free but still as silly as anything I’ve ever done. 100 words, PG, just Dawn and Andrew talking about fanfic…

They’re taking the hobbits to… Cheyenne Mountain? )
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Moni Wa Chikondwelero Cha Kristmasi!

Here’s another insane Stargate: SG-1 crossover drabble in my SkippyGate SG-1 series, once more set during the early SG-1 Season 9 period when SG-1’s new commander Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell is recreating the team from scratch. This one is a special Christmas drabble; not seasonal in the least but the crossover characters come from a show that has now become an integral part of the British Christmas tradition. 100 words, G. I’m not wild about the title; perhaps I’ll come up with a better one later.

The Big Cheese )
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Here are two more drabbles in my insane Stargate: SG-1 crossover series about Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell’s attempt to recreate a new SG-1 from scratch in the ‘Skippy-verse’. I probably won’t bother to put these ones up at ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’ because nothing happens in them except Cam discussing potential recruits with El Nombre from ‘Numbertime’. PG, 2 x 100 words.

Two drabbles about possible SG-1 recruits )
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Here’s another insane Stargate: SG-1 crossover drabble, a sequel to Who was that masked... man?, once more set during Season 9 Episode 1, Avalon Part 1, when new SG-1 member Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell is recreating a new SG-1 from scratch. It adds a crossover with a certain well-loved children’s programme originally shown on the BBC between 1969 and 1972 and, more recently, re-shown on Channel 4. Americans, etc, might find this mildly amusing but to fully appreciate it you have to be a) British or Norwegian and b) the right age. 100 words, PG.
Unsuccessful Applicant #1 )
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A month ago I wrote a drabble, The New Cobber, crossing over Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Stargate: SG-1. It was intended just to be a quick one-off but suddenly, out of nowhere, a sequel has hopped into my mind. 650 words, PG, the further adventures of Skippy in SG-1.

Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport )


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