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This is a major re-write of the second half of chapter 6 of “Life in Shadow”. I had decided to sacrifice a plot point in the interests of just getting it done and posted, but in so doing I weakened the story line too much and I wasn’t happy at all with the result. This is a much longer version; Part One of the chapter is now 4,250 words, and this section, Part Two, is 6,150 words.

Earlier parts are in Memories HERE.

Part One of Chapter Six is HERE.

Sorry to have messed you around.

The summary is very simple; “What if Tara was a Vampire Slayer? And straight?”

Life in Shadow Chapter Six: The Sounds of Silence – Part Two )
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Here at long last is Chapter 6 of my Spike-Tara epic "Life in Shadow", 9 months after I last updated.

I was so eager to get this written and posted so that I could get over the block and continue the story that I took major short-cuts in the first version of this story, but it didn't work out well at all; I wasn't altogether happy with the result, and after I read some of the Comments I realised that my readers were being short-changed. I re-wrote the entire chapter and replaced it with a much longer - and, I belived, much better - version. This is the re-write, now posted in two parts because it would be too long for LiveJournal in one go.

If some of the Comments don't seem to tally with what you read in the story, that's why. Hope you like this version.

Earlier chapters are in Memories HERE.

The summary is very simple; “What if Tara was a Vampire Slayer? And straight?”

The rating might head off towards ‘R’ eventually, but for now is probably around PG-13 or so.

This part is 4,270 words.
Life in Shadow Chapter Six: The Sounds of Silence - Part One )
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Okay, here we are, Chapter 5 of Life In Shadow; in which Willow's "My Will Be Done" spell has unexpected ramifications.

Chapter 5: Crazy Nights )
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I'm very late with this, but here it is at last. The fourth chapter of "Life In Shadow". If any readers spot places where I have English idioms coming out of American characters' mouths (except where the Americans are quoting things said by English characters, and that does happen in this chapter) please let me know and I'll amend it.

Previous chapters are in Memories, contrary to my usual practice, and also HERE

Chapter 4: Breakfast At Tiffany's )

The next chapter will follow as fast as I can manage.
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Chater three of my Spike/Tara story "Life In Shadow" - now incorporating new passages in the last section following comments by [livejournal.com profile] hieispike that made me realise I hadn't quite achieved the effect that I was aiming at.

Chapter 3: Grave Dancers Union )
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Well, slightly later than planned (due to a trip to the movies and some housekeeping chores) here is the next chapter of the Spike/Tara story Life In Shadow; the beginning can be found HERE.

Chapter 2: Outside )
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Okay, here is more of the Spara fic I started a little while back. I'm including the part I'd already posted, so that anyone who hadn't read the first post doesn't have to go searching back. There were a few minor changes made when I got it beta read, such as correcting where I had Spike's hair as "died" rather than "dyed"!

I've re-titled it "Life in Shadow", but it's the same story as "Sweet Home Alabama" under a new, and I think more appropriate, name. A lot longer now.

Life In Shadow )


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