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[livejournal.com profile] makd recently did a Recs post in which I was mentioned more than once - thanks! - and in the Comments [livejournal.com profile] julia_here remarked upon [livejournal.com profile] curiouswombat's Dawn fic 'Ten Years After' and said 'Curious Wombat's story is promising; the talent in the Speaker/Wombat house is downright scary!' Well, CW and me aren't the only people in the house who write!

This Roxyverse story was by our daughter Katherine. She's 17 now, but she was 15 when she wrote this. A little snippet of the life of Roxy the Vampire Slayer, before the Roxyverse really got going with the prophecies and the major slaughter. I haven't edited it at all apart from correcting an odd typo, and I think it beats all kind of hell out of the drivel that some of the 15-year-olds on ff.net churn out. Spike-free, I'm afraid.

My Life as ... a Slayer )

I've spent hours today and yesterday installing Katherine's new computer. Everything was simple and straightforward, it's a fantastic system and it was pretty cheap too, but I hit two major stumbling blocks. The first was tuning in the TV card. I scanned and scanned but it wouldn't pick up any channels. Eventually I found the cause. She loathes any light showing in her bedroom at all when she wants to go to sleep, and so she sticks Blu-Tack over every single LED on equipment that is permanently on. She'd done the same on her Sky satellite box. It's not supposed EVER to be switched off; and so it took hours before I thought to take off the Blu-Tack and saw that the power was off, and it was no wonder that the scanning had failed to find a signal.

The second bottle-neck is incorporating it into the home network, but I was expecting that to be hard. At present her computer can connect to mine but in so doing it blocks me out of the Internet, and that's not something I can tolerate, so she's been taken off the network again. We might go over to Wireless for the whole house, the mix of Wireless and Ethernet that we've got at the moment is just too complicated.

And now at last I can get back to writing, a whole day behind where I'd expected to be. There might be more Speakerfic tonight, there might not, too early to tell yet.
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Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] diabola79

[livejournal.com profile] makd posted a list of BtVS Season 7 recs last night, and reading it reminded me that I've never done a canon S7 story other than drabbles. That's because the Roxyverse is an alternate S7 and writing it pretty much filled all my S7 needs. Most of it revolves around OCs, and even the crossovers where they encounter the Sunnydale crew don't altogether stand alone; except for the last.

In "Fight For The Right To Party" Harmony has a soul bestowed upon her by the Powers and comes to Sunnydale to help in the fight against the First. She has very little idea about what's going on, and the story is from her POV, and so it doesn't rely upon knowledge of what has gone before. About the only thing that isn't explained within the story is that she has been given a ring that is like a Gem of Amara Lite. It grants a vampire the ability to walk in the sun, although with only the strength of a human in those circumstances, and to withstand holy water and crosses, but none of the other benefits of the Gem of Amara. There are five such rings in the Roxyverse; Spike also has one, and Angel did have one but the Powers took it from him when he signed the deal with Wolfram and Hart and gave it to Harmony instead. Harmony arrives in Sunnydale right at the beginning of 'Chosen', but the timing runs slightly differently from then on. I got totally Jossed by AtS S5, of course, and the Roxyverse became much more AU than I'd expected. I have only just recovered enough from my stressful time at work to restart work on "Angel of the Morning" today, and so I'm posting this as a stopgap.

Fight For The Right To Party )

In other news; Something else I've never done is an AtS S5 fic, apart from the post-NFA stories. Reflecting on that thought a plot bunny attacked me and it was too good to shoot, so look out in the near future for "Shellshocked". Fred doesn't open Illyria's sarcophagus, someone else does. See icon for a clue as to who it is! And I bought a Permanent LJ account.

[livejournal.com profile] curiouswombat's Dawn fic is coming on really well; the most recent chapter that I beta-read had me rolling around laughing. She's much more patient about posting than I am, she has a stockpile to be posted, and so it'll be a couple of weeks before you see it.
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[livejournal.com profile] danceswithwords recently posted asking people to submit their choices for worst BtVS episodes in each season. I found to my surprise that a lot of people were choosing "Inca Mummy Girl" as their S2 choice, and I tried to defend it. I mean, Ampata! Ay, caramba! Eskimo Willow, and Oz falling for her. The first significant appearance of Jonathan. And Ampata! Maybe it's because I'm a guy.

Anyway, it's reminded me of one of my Roxyverse stories; alternate Season 7, a reanimated Ampata travels with Dawn, Spike, and the Roxyverse characters to beyond a Hellmouth to battle for the freedom of an imprisoned Slayer. A little vignette from Ampata's point of view. Mid series, but I think it stands alone reasonably well as Ampata has just been dropped into things herself and doesn't really know what's been going on beforehand either.

Read it or not, your choice. El Condor Pasa )
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Well, I've got over the point at which I was stalled in "It's Got to be Perfect", and I'm writing again, but I'm only half-way through the chapter so the next update won't be until tomorrow at the very earliest.

So, for now, I'll carry on with my probably doomed mission to persuade people to read my Roxyverse fics set in an AU BtVS Season 7 in which there are more than two Slayers.

In the Roxyverse Faith temporarily flatlined in her coma, activating Kat in Cleveland. Later, a failed suicide atttempt by Kat activated Roxanne "Roxy" Quinn in Whitby, England. The stories mainly follow Roxy and the oddball "Roxettes", her equivalent of the Scoobies. They visit Sunnydale at one stage, and a few of the Roxyverse stories are centred on the original Scooby Gang.

During the course of the stories the Roxettes discover that the Slayer line fractured in 1988, when Sally Phantom was killed - but it didn't stick. I'm posting as a teaser a little ficlet about Sally and the deadly secret she hides. Be warned; this is disturbing stuff. I'm sometimes accused of being too much of a fluff writer, and there are some fluff stories in the Roxyverse, but this is not fluffy at all. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Mirror in the Bathroom )
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I could use a little help from any nice Americans out there.  I need an example or two of a celebrity couple from Feb 2002 where the man is much older than the woman.  Somebody famous enough that Harmony would be aware of them.

I'm way behind schedule on my writing.  Partly real life issues, but mainly due to spending too much time reading Helga von Nutwimple fics and then spending more time weeping at the impossibility of ever matching her genius.  So, the updates planned for Wednesday never happened.  Maybe late tonight, maybe tomorrow.

However, anyone who is missing their fix of Speaker-to-Customers' fics could fill that gap by reading some of my 'Roxyverse' stories.  Okay, there's a lot of Original Character stuff, but there are fics that are centred on canon characters too, and they're all clearly labelled in the index; you can read those and skip the OC stuff.  You'd miss out on back-story, but it should still make sense.  "Fight for the right to party" is the very last of the canon character fics, but it works as a pure standalone better than any of the others.  A retelling of "Chosen" from the point of view of a souled Harmony.  If you like my work, and have time to kill, try the Roxyverse.  It's low in calories, cholesterol-free, and the NC-17 fics my wife contributed are the hottest things ever.  Seriously.  And I say that as someone who has read all of [livejournal.com profile] nautibitz ' stories.



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