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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] deyvra

Back to ‘Murder at the Acropolis’ today, and in this chapter Hercule Poirot meets Xena at last. 2,050 words, PG so far. Previous chapters are HERE

Murder at the Acropolis: Chapter Four )

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Between chapters of ‘Dojo Hard’ I’m working on my first major fic in a non-Buffyverse fandom since my Baldur's Gate stuff years ago. Hercule Poirot meets Xena: Warrior Princess in ‘Murder at the Acropolis’. Here is the third chapter, 2,400 words, and it’s rated PG so far. Previous chapters are HERE

Murder at the Acropolis: Chapter Three )

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I’m still working on the next chapter of ‘Dojo Hard’ but I’m writing another story as well. Here is the second chapter of my Hercule Poirot/Xena: Warrior Princess cross-over story ‘Murder at the Acropolis’, also known as ‘Hercule: the Legendary Journeys’. It’s dedicated to the rather rude person at ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’ whose vitriolic review of this drabble, and my post about it, sparked off the discussion that inspired me to dust off this old plot bunny and set it free to roam. This chapter is 1,800 words and it’s rated PG so far. Chapter One was HERE

Murder at the Acropolis: Chapter Two )

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And now, by popular request, Speaker-to-Customers Productions presents – ‘Murder at the Acropolis’, the first ever Hercule Poirot/Xena: Warrior Princess crossover. Chapter One, anyway. A prequel, as it were, to my Xander drabble Paternity Case. This first chapter is 1,750 words, rating PG. Future chapters will follow fairly soon; I’ve had the plot outline done for two years and now that I’ve been provoked into writing it I should be able to knock off the whole thing fairly quickly. ‘Dojo Hard’ has priority, though, and I will get on with the next chapter of that right now.

Murder at the Acropolis: Chapter One )


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